I <3 unicycles (picture)

Says it all really.
I got this falling onto a pedal at club a few days ago
thankfully it was a pedal without teeth!

Sadly the pedal needs to be replaced and my poor wallet will be feeling that one! But I couldn’t let go of such a great photo opportunity! :slight_smile:

Wow! I thought that was a cloud formation at first (seriously, I did) but then I noticed what it really was. It literally took me 2 or 3 minutes to figure it out… :roll_eyes:

wow you must bruise pretty easy.

are u gunna buy my uni?

tylercox: hahaha. that’d be a pretty funky cloud formation for sure!

TylerHeartless: i do actually bruise somewhat easily, but it was also a pretty hard hit.

I was trying to do a side-mount. i somehow lost my footing on the one pedal, and fell backwards onto someone ELSE’s unicycle, who was standing there not realizing i was falling towards them. so me and my 200+lb frame came down quite quickly onto the small edge of a miayta(sp?) freestyle unicycle pedal. bent the pedal pretty badly too!

to anyone wondering, that is actually a picture of my rear end. thats what ended up on the unicycle pedal. and the skinny edge on the left side, that was the entire shape of the pedal a few days before! it was really funny looking then.

unibrow: check your PM’s, sorry for not writing back sooner!

Lilfunky1, there must be a place for that on BMEzine somewhere. :slight_smile:

i already posted it onto phil’s IAM.unicycle forum :slight_smile:
as for BME gallaries, it wasn’t an intentional modification!