Hyperspeed Unicycle

I know that a lot of folks have wondered what it would be like to ride a unicycle at 100+ mph, wonder no more.
A new video posted today in celebration of my 70th birthday. Most taken with the GoPro Hero7 Black TimeWarp Video mode.

Not a lot of traffic in your neighborhood!

Welcome to the subsection of seventyish-something of the Old Geezers On One Wheel club!
:sunglasses: :sunglasses:
(I see we’ve got the same problem with the handle: just one arm -not both- except that for me it’s the left one:o )

Thanks Wobbling Bear. There seems to be very few of us in this age group.

I just start riding two hands on handlebar a few months ago. I’m pretty comfortable as speed on good road but switch to one hand when going slower or steeper hills. Sometime I keep the up hill hand free on steeper cambers to shift my center of gravity a little.

Hey JimT -
I recently traded in my Hero 5 for a 7 Black and the new stabilization really is a very noticeable improvement. I love it!!

Here’s a Timewarp video of me riding my (ungeared) 36er from my house to the DVD rental box and back at 10x: https://vimeo.com/328751714

I had to cross a major road and I totally lucked out with the traffic light - timed it perfectly both coming and going. Hmm, should have bought a lottery ticket :roll_eyes:

Cool. I went from a GoPro 2 to 7 Black so it was a big step up. I actually kept my Hero 2 and traded in my very first, 20 year old digital camera (a Polaroid PDC 700).

Great video!

At first before I loaded it I thought it was going to be a motorised unicycle traveling at 100mph, which would be pretty cool, but I would assume extremely dangerous.

I think a 100mph motorised unicycle would easily fit into the class of contraptions known as ‘suicycles’… :slight_smile: