Hyper Arm Pads?

I picked up some arm pads today at Canadian Tire, for 25 bucks Canadian, (not bad compared to roach or sixsixone selling a about 100 bucks canadian) and they seem to be pretty good quality! Czech them out, tell me if you’v heard of them before, i doubt you have though…

P.S. Canada cleaned up in hockey!!!

-Dylan (the canadian extreme unicycler, or Wild Man Wallinger, :wink: )

here’s the links to a few pics:



Re: Hyper Arm Pads?

Isn’t that Nick[Dangerously]'s signature word? I smell a fight brewing.
-David Kaplan
By the way, he has some pretty cool pics on his page, not to mention a pretty cool online journal… and no, I dont have a life. Take a look at his page—> http://extreme.unicyclist.com

Re: Hyper Arm Pads?

yeah it is his “signature word” I have aquired that spelling after talking to
him on aim…

I didn’t mean to breach any copyright regulations, “czech” and all other
trademarks are registered to Nick Dangerously, and I have nothing to do with

sorry for any inconveniance this may have caused…