Hydrogen fuel cell powdered turbo unicycle

Here is the link…

Bedford Unicycles will have them in stock as soon
as they are available.


Another Canadian unicycle eh


let me know as soon as you get them in. Maybe by that time I’ll have enough money to afford one! Then again, maybe not.

In all fairness, it does have three wheels.

Ahh! Who the hell am i kidding? I still want one! :smiley:

I guess it is a expensive thing. And it goes just 12 miles a hour. That’s not more than 20 km a hour. So it is quite slow.

How old do you have to be for this thing.



Umm… Highway speeds aren’t too slow…

Not at the speeds I would ride it! :sunglasses:

To be truthful, it would probably be pretty darn scary. What if there was a sudden ‘blip’ or other problem with the software or drivetrain? It would be like riding a Kawasaki Ninja, never knowing if it might suddenly disintegrate, leaving you skidding down the highway on your hands and knees…

The Segway I rode felts very secure, and I wasn’t worried about it dropping me. But part of that was the extremely low speeds we were moving at. It’s that “running speed” barrier where unicycles start to really get dangerous.

But one-wheeled transportation might prove to be very energy-efficient. After all, there should be less road friction (espeically with a skinnier tire; that tire would be overkill, though it looks cool). But any fast-moving one-wheeler should probably have some kind of backup system to keep it upright if there is a breakdown of the balance system.

On the Embrio, the training wheel system shown would not be workable to begin with. Any sudden turn, or even braking, at 10 mph or less would be enough to knock it over. Unless those wheels splay out when they go down, that is. It would need something more solid than that.

But I’m all for the idea, and I’m sure it will find a market among adventurous people. That is, if the technology is ever worked out. It hasn’t been yet.

To balance this 300+ pound beast, with your weight on top, it has to steer itself. On a unicycle, you aim the wheel by twisting your upper body. On this thing, you might need some gyros for that. This steering would be essential in not only changing the direction of travel, but also in making balance corrections as you move.

Having training wheels eliminates all the more complicated problems of balancing the cycle when stopped, and going slow. Just keeping it balanced while moving, and being able to steer it at will need to be addressed. That shouldn’t be too hard.

than it is great. When is it availeble:p
and what price.
is it a moter or a scooter. Wic age do you need for it. I’am just 16 without a scooter certificate.


I don’t think it will ever be available.

It is possible to make one with today’s technologies that would work if everything is working perfectly. The reason why no one will ever sell one is:

A) There are predictable failure modes that will kill people. In particular, if the balance control system messes up it will cause a UPD at freeway speeds. In another thread I computed the speed that the UPD would occur and found that you would go from just fine to tumbling down the road in a fraction of a second. No warning - it will high-side and throw you in the air, then it’s just you and a 300 lb cannon ball bouncing down the road after you. Fun!

B) The balance control system is very complicated and therefore prone to failure. If the sensors go out of calibration it will UPD. If the control computer skips a beat it will UPD. If the motor hiccups it will UPD. If the electrical system hiccups it will UPD. If the brakes engage too easily it will UPD. If the brakes don’t engage easily enough it will UPD. If the road wiggles too much it may UPD. If there are cracks in the road it may UPD. It may UPD on ice or wet pavement. And so on.

C) As sailors often say, “You can engineer something to be fool proof, but you can’t engineer something to be damn fool proof.” What it means is that it is impossible to design one of these things so that it doesn’t fail. Skip an oil change and it will kill you. Fail to inflate the tires properly and it will kill you.

D) Last, but not least, it would be corporate suicide to sell one of these things. Since the design is inherently unsafe there is no way that the manufacturer could get liability insurance. Since this design WILL eventually kill someone the damages in any lawsuit would be catastrophic.

So it’s cool to look at, and I’m sure a few engineers had fun sketching it out, but there is no way this product is ever going to make it to market. :frowning:

The best that could be hoped would be that some stunt man rides one in a James Bond movie for a ton of money. :slight_smile: :astonished: :sunglasses: :smiley:

Tell me when and were. I’ll bring my own body bag.


Does the tire on the “hot Rod” come in a 24" size… that is a nice tire, the uni is great as well.
Good Job!!!