Hydraulic Drag Brake

This has been suggested before, but I think it was poo-poo’ed en lieu of cable actuated v-brakes.

I experimented with using my HS-33 as a drag brake a lot on my descent from Mt. Evans today.

For really long, constant grade descents (say 15 miles) I’ve found I can adjust my pad wear knob until the brakes are always on to flatten out the desecents.

I’ve found I like the pads applied enough that you need to hold the unicycle at 30-45 degrees from the ground to be able to push the uni on pavement.

If I stop during the descent I back the knob off about 1/2 a turn before I get going again.

Drag brakes are good stuff, the difference between on and off was dramatic. My knees are much happier campers tonight thanks to my drag brakes.

My $0.02.

Re: Hydraulic Drag Brake

That’s ingenious! I bet Magura never thought that that knob would get used like this. But hey, if it there, ya might as well use it!

I’ve thought about putting friction washers in the Magura lever to turn it into a drag brake. I don’t know how well it would work.

My idea was to take the friction washers and other friction bits out of an old style friction shifting lever from an old bicycle. Put the friction bits on the pivot bolt in the Magura lever and see how it works. It might just work. Maybe.

I have seen someone use rubber bands from the leaver to the handle adjusting the drag by adding more bands.


Just when I thought I was turning into a super l337 //\u//1 //\4//, I realize that I’ve never felt the need for a brake, no matter what the hill was… guess I’m not tackling the rough stuff yet, huh? Or I’ve surpassed Kris Holm in skill… oh wait, that was the dream where I also won the Tour de France on my 24" Nimbus…

Re: Hydraulic Drag Brake

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004 20:29:03 -0500, “evil-nick” wrote:

>Just when I thought I was turning into a super l337 //\u//1 //\4//,
I don’t get l337?

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