Hurt Ankle (very short clip)

doesn’t look too bad but after sleeping i could barely walk. I couldn’t ride for the rest of the week. (filmed last sunday)
edit. You have to watch it with the sound. It is funny.

Youtube up now
I recommend Vimeo. Higher quality.

what the hell :thinking: did you actually hurt yourself ? you were smiling and put your party hat on

i didn’t feet it right away. It hurt really bad the next day and for the rest of the week.
edit. Oh and it isn’t a party hat, It is a piece of a pinata i found in a trash can at my school and i wore it home. :smiley:


What are you doing in a trash can? :thinking:

Sounds like you were laughing…

waiting looking around in it. it isn’t like there is anyone big enough to throw me in it. my school just opened and it only has freshmen and sophomores.