Hurry up spring!!!!!

We have had a really mild stretch here and with that came dry pavement and a nice night. I took my uni to the Walmart Parking lot and nailed a few side mounts, jump mounts and tire grab stalls. If this is any indication of what I will be able to do in the spring when the weather is better, I am all for it. Happy winter riding for everyone who lives somewhere warm!!!

I know wotcher mean…we had a slightly warmer period a couple weeks ago, during which I went unicycling, but now its raining and really really windy!! hard to unicycle in…

We’re just wrapping up our 24th consecutive day of rain here in Seattle. Only 10 more–and the 5-day forecast calls for 5–and we’ll beat our own depressing all-time record.

All I have to say is that Punxsutawney Phil better make the right call on Feb 2, or I’m gonna be fashioning myself a rodent-fur umbrella.

This weekend’s project: a fender for my Hunter muni.

yeah, its a freaking swamp here in Oregon.

We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather the last few weeks, cool nights (in the hi 40’s-low 50’s) and perfect days in the hi 70’s with NO rain:D

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

yeah weve had the last 2-3 days of fairly nice riding weather here. its been downright warm it was like 11 degrees yesterday.

Light evenings is what I’m waiting for. I want to ride for miles along the beach again. I want it to be light after work. At the moment it gets light as I drive to work and is getting or has got dark as I drive home.

I agree - hurry up spring.


yup i want spring to come already too! its pretty warm here now though, like in the 50’s(the last two days).

i live in jax florida and its perfect weather …its not cold but its not hot…i love winter florida …well for unicycling any way…up north winters are awsome but i have never unicycled in snow or on ice so i dunno if i would fair well in those states

Make that 25…

Tonight was another great night. Well, great here means 0c so its not great but certainly ridable. You have to have your pump handy to adjust preasure, but its a small price to pay for riding in January…

Sigh…26. Tomorrow’s forecast: Showers, turning to rain.

31 dergees celcius here in australia and i wish it was cooler

well the city of evansville must be on crack… cause it was 64 degrees yesterday… now its 28 degrees with an inch of snow ont the ground


There’s been fine weather in Quincy for it being January.

Forecast fulfilled…Day 27 is in the can.

today it is SO windy and FREEZING but it didnt stop me from unicycleing… us canadian are not wimps…

I’m not really anticipating spring/summer, since it’s already in the 60s right now, and that’s just perfect. I swear, I’m gonna lose like 20 pounds this summer just in sweat.