I think a cool event for unicycle conventions etc would be a hurdling event.

take your typical race track length, and add in hurdles to it, perhaps a foot or so high, so they could still be taken at speed

That’d be a swell event

That’s a great idea, Brian!

You’re a sheer genius!!!

that’s about one of the coolest ideas ever. I’d try to participate.

Be great for the people that can jump at any pedal setting, enstead of having to ahve ther dominate fowards. Then it would really be flying, just a straight race, no stopping, jump to the finish line =p

You could set it up so that the hurdels would come up when your pedals are level. as long as everyone used the same size wheel.

By putting the slightest of an angle when you are approaching the hurdle, you would be able to hit it when your cranks were set properly.

and at only 12" or so height, you wouldn’t neccessarily have to have the cranks set up exactly ‘properly’ anyways

A hurdle would have to involve a significant jump at regular intervals, not placed for the convenience of a given wheel size. This would most closely mimic track hurdles in both form and intent. It would be up to the rider to adapt to the course.

Rolling over carefully angled bumps would not be a hurdle, but some other interesting race. Perhaps part of a steeplechase? :slight_smile:

I meant an angle on your wheel as you ride towards the hurdle. You couldn’t ‘easily’ roll over a 12" obstacle, and even if you manged to, it would be way slower than the people who are hopping over them.

Real life hurdles are not too tall to jump over pretty easily, but when there’s so many in a row it gets hard fast. I’m not sure what a good interval would be for hurdle placement, but there would be lots I would imagine. And with the hurdle short enough, you could get over them without proper crank placement, but you would also be hitting them at a pretty fast pace.

Keeping them low enough that people could hop over with relative ease (for the first hurdles) would allow this to be a great , fast paced spectator event

I think the other way of racing this would be to just side hop the entire race, jump the hurdle do a big gap as fast as possible do a hurdle etc. I also think that this could get very tiring. Still I would love to do a race like that it would be a ton of fun but the rolling hop version qould be very difficult.

Yeah this idea sounds sweet! i would defently give it a try :slight_smile:

Great Idea

It’s a great method for people to practice their rolling hop technique!
Everyone can set something simple up right outside their house to practice with.
Scatter the obstacles or leave them in a straight line.


To get around the pedal position problem, use the race lanes only until the first hurdle. After the first hurdle is cleared we can weave around, cut each other off, and set up for the remainder of the hurdles as we see fit.

That race would be much more interesting.

I see the pedal position thing not as a problem, but a challenge for the racer. In track hurdles, foot and leg placement, number and length of steps, etc. is a critical part of training and racing. For the deepest, most long-lasting event, I would think that a unicycle hurdles event should evoke the same behavior.

lmao, why not go 1 step further and convert a dog course for unicycling.

Ring of fire, tunnels, weaving etc… :smiley: