Huntsville AL MUni Rendezvous (aka SHONUF) Apr29

Bump… this is coming up. Just a reminder.

MB Trail Review

Apr 29, 30, May 1

“Southern Hospitality Open - Nifty Unicycle Fanatic” Rendezvous

Monte Sano State Park
Huntsville Alabama

I definately encourage families. In fact, I’ve invited a couple of families we camp with who are not riders. On trips past, we’ve had several trail joggers who were easily able to keep up. And of course, Mountain B*kers are welcome.

The NASA Space Museum is in Huntsville. It is extremely cool. You won’t believe how small John Glen’s booster was. It really took guts to strap that on your back.

This time we’ve chosen Monte Sano SP in an attempt to attract lots of attendees. (Campers, logde/hotel stayers, runners, b*kers, MUniers, campfire tenders, Space Museum goers, chefs…)

Hoping for:
ReidJ (+)
Bugman (+)
Chirokid (+3)
Tmorningstar (+4)
MemphisMud (+3)
4 other MUCsters
Several Members of Plateau Unicycle Club
1 ro 2 Memphis camping families

I know that the park has some excellent stone cabins. And, as always, we can double or triple up in the campsites. Campsites with water and elec are 16.50/night. That’s it for now.

I have a three day weekend, so barring any unforseen circumstances, I will be there with…

Emily (4 yrs)
Sara (2 mos)

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Need more info…

What would you like to know?
How about a link to Monte Sano State Park

Thanks for the bump, Memphis Mud!
I can’t wait! I’m looking forward, especially, to seeing all of my uni-buddies from around the region. Oh yes, and your breakfast!


I’m still planning on going. I’ll be bringing the family as well. I guess this will be my MOAB.

And Munipsycho… looks like we may have been able to ride yesterday after all. It didn’t rain in this area until 6pm. Tonight we get to move the clocks forward, more time to Muni!

Mynipsypcho, my computer went goofy while responding to your PM. I forget I need to clarify.

So far, all of our MUni Rendezvous have been at new locations. So we don’t have an agenda until we get there and scope it out some. We like the exploration/adventure aspect.

These MUni weekends that we’ve been doing are kind of free flow. Some of the others you’ve seen on the forum (MOAB, Calif. MUni Wknd…) are very structured, official events with agendas and fees. We basically figure it out when we get there. We’re campers…and we ride unicycles… But some attendees dont. There are hotels all over and other non-uni activities. We get together and play and everyone loves it. Do your own thing…with us.

Last yr some of us met in Dickson TN (Montgomery Bell State Park). They have a neat MB trail.

Last fall we went to crossville TN, (Cumberland Mtn St Prk) where there is a club (Plateau Unicycle Club). They took us to a cool downhill (Black Mountain).

We like to get out and camp and play. We expect several folks from Atlanta area we’ve never met. So far, nobody has ever had a bad time at one of these MUni Rendezvous. (To my knowledge). Non riders can jog along with us. Or go to town. Or read a book in a hammock…

We’ve given some of these gatherings names because its better than not, I guess. It makes people think we’ve really got a organization. And last yr one guy made some computer generated iron ons (Furecus) just for fun. The most accurate part of the names is “Rendezvous”. FURECUS stands for Fall Unicycle Rendezvous, East Central US. SHO-NUF stands for Southern Hospitality Open Nifty Unicycle Fanatic Rendezvous. Silly, eh?

As the time approaches folks will post when they expect to arrive. I chose this spot for 1) proximity to Memphis and Atlanta and E. TN, and 2) Great reviews of the Mountain Bke trails by Mtn Bkers. (the MB review website is actually where I started).

Here’s how an agenda might look:
Friday: Campers arrive and goof around the campsites. if early enough, some MUni. Dinner on your own.
Saturday am: PotLuck Breakfast (I make pancakes for whoever wants them, somebody else will make bacon or links or ?). There will be much discussion about the day ahead. MUni Ride.
Saturday aft: Easy sandwich type lunch. (or head to Wendy’s…). MUni ride. Non riders may go to NASA or movies or antique shops or hiking…
Saturday pm: Pot Luck Dinner (I make a pretty good Dutch Oven Poppyseed Chicken.) (We’ve had a fantastic Pasta Salad and Charles makes a hearty dish that only he can describe) (Mmmmmmm). Voracious eating, campfire comeraderie, deep sleeping.
Sunday Morning: More pancakes. Some more riding, hiking.
Sunday noonish or after – people pack up and head home, satiated.

Don’t forget all the trials toys Tommy brings as well. Stuff that is easy enough for relative begginers, to difficult enough to challange even good riders. We also try to find some natural trials to fool around on.

Righto, Bugman!
Tommy (Grandmaster 2T) brings a trailer full of Trials toys. Ramps. Teeter-Totters. Tables. V-Boards. Jumpropes. Balance beams. High jump (I think will adjust from 2 inches to 3 feet). Cones.

We play games like Shark Attack and learn new things to try. One activity that was a huge hit at Furecus was the Timed Obstacle Course (cones). Everyone did it over and over with the crowd going wild every time. Kids can’t wait to hear their times. Whether they beat themselves or someone else. (28.3, 29.1, 23.5!!! OMG!! THE CROWD GOES NUTS!!!) That’ll a permanent fixture in Rendezvous agendas.

Every level of rider has something to play on. (If you’ve never ridden off a curb or if you pedal grab up to picnic tables.) Its a veritable hoot. Lots of noise and encouragement and excitement. If you’ve never ridden with 15 - 20 other similarly afflicted maniacs, you’ve got to try it.

-Tom. (grasshopper 1T)

Add my name to the list. I have that weekend marked on my calendar.

A friend camped at Monte Sano last weekend with Cub Scout Troop. He said its very nice. Hilly. Treed. But cleaned of firewood so be sure to bring enough with you. They prefer no more than 2 vehicles per site.

Thats all for now.

17 days away…


I’m coming (Friday late afternoon through Sunday). Do I need to make campsite reservations?

Atlanta, GA

I’ve got a killer Northface 8 man tent on it’s way. I may end up flying solo again. We just found out last Thursday that my Mother-In-Law has Breast Cancer, so my wife may need vacation days for after the surgery. We should know more on Wednesday after her appointment with the surgeon.

I’m sorry about your news, Bugman. We’ll talk on the phone about SHONUF travel plans.

Got my new tent. Can’t wait to see everyone. Two more weeks. Do we need to call ahead and reserve our campsite?

I have spoken with “Jeremy” and reserved 4 campsites for the nights of Apr 29 and Apr 30.

I will be arriving around 100 on Apr 29 and secure 4 good ones (Or whoever gets there first can do this.)

We can call and reserve more as we approach U-day.

We can have 2 vehicles per site and whatever camping configuration pleases us. If we have more than 8 vehicles, there is another parking lot to put the extra vehicles. (This is a fire regulation)

14 days

Hope my new Tent/Condo fits.:smiley: It has three rooms and a two vestabules.:slight_smile: I can’t wait, I haven’t been able to stand in a tent in 7 years. I have great Kelty tents, but they were small.

These sites have water and electric so the elevator and fish pond will be fine.:smiley:

Re: Huntsville AL MUni Rendezvous (aka SHONUF) Apr29

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:39:37 -0500, “Memphis Mud” wrote:

>These sites have water and electric so the elevator and fish pond will
>be fine.:smiley:

That is too big a smiley. When the restaurant at my work location was
refurbished, a temporary restaurant was set up in a tent with two
floors, two staircases and indeed an elevator. No fishpond though.

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