Huntington Beach Saturday: Sept 3,2005

If you live in Orange County or Los Angeles or will be in that area Saturday, come join us! Be prepared to be gawked by beach people, it’s fun! Jeff and I are planning to ride this Saturday along the beach path. It will be approximately 14miles round trip of easy riding enjoying the coastline. Bring your backpack w/ water, suntan, and some $ for lunch or bag a sandwich. I will be on my Coker(tubeless for first time :D) at the entrance of Huntington Beach pier at Main street around 10am. Post here if you can join us!

I’ll be there

:frowning: and my foots broken :frowning: wowes me…maybe next time…Im sure that ThisGuyIKnow will be glad im not there. Thats a cool name, funny when like talking about him, you know this guy i know…