So what is the ultimate long distance unicycle?

First of all chirokid, don’t be jealous. I’m the one who should be jealous, of all the people who learned to unicycle before age 38 like I did. But all that age stuff is just in your mind as long as you’re realistic and don’t try to shoot for the moon right away.

A summary review of my Hunter36…well, it worked out fantastically in Norway. It was interesting to see that all 11 riders had a brake, and everyone had a nice one, that is, everyone had a real welded on solution. That is a key thing for real-world (non flat) riding. If it’s not flat, you want a brake. I was the only one with a hydraulic brake and it worked perfectly, but had anything gone wrong with it, maintenance is much more difficult on the road. Just get a brake, any brake, and you’ll start using it and loving it.

Every single rider had an extension handle - there were various designs, but they all looked basically like the Wyganowski extension that I had. Either buy one or get designing yourself because without it, the riding is much harder. I really liked the addition of bar-ends so that my hands were higher up - Scot Cooper and I were the only ones with those.

10 out of 11 had the Airfoil rim, not a necessity, but a great upgrade from the stock Coker rim.

Seats varied all over the place and I am convinced that there is no best seat. The best seat is just the one you like to ride with. On the last day, I traded unicycles for a while with one of the riders and neither of us could believe that the other had completed 600 miles on “that horrible seat”.

I was the only one with a “Super Coker Wheel” based on Tom Miller’s 120mm wide Suzue-replacement hub. Dave Stockton made this for me and it was great. Then again, for road riding, it isn’t really needed. But I love the feeling of bombproofness, and my Hunter36 is used for offroad riding as well as commuting, racing and touring.

Frame-wise, I had a Hunter, there were a number of Wyganowskis, a few stock Coker frames…I don’t think it matters all that much for road riding. Obviously, stiffer is better.

The big thing that made the trip relatively easy for me was training. I rode over 1000 miles in the 2 1/2 months of preparation for the trip. As a result, I suffered none of the knee, tendon and seat problems that others did. I believe that I could’ve done the tour on a regular Coker (with added brake and improved seat) just about as well. I think it comes down to the rider and his/her motivation, training and skill rather than the equipment.

The search for an ultimate long distance unicycle has a long way to go (even Bronson Silva’s amazing Creative Gecko unicycle isn’t what I would call the Ultimate). The research and testing is going to be far more fun and rewarding than the actual achievement.

Take Aaron Svec from South Dakota as an example. He rode the whole Norway tour with his nearly-stock Coker (just had an added brake and 125mm cranks). He started the tour with a bald, cracked tire, the same one he used on the EUT two years ago. He broke several spokes along the way. He crashed multiple times and bloodied himself. He didn’t train that much and was in pain on several days. If you look as his survey comments at you’ll see he would like to change Seat, frame, tire, spokes, extension, seat clamp, brake, cranks, pedals, and bearings (basically everything) on his unicycle. But he BLASTED along, uncomplaining, being our ambasssador to Norway, helping all the other riders, and having a great time. He absolutely motored on that Coker of his. And that is the real deal. Get out there and ride.


Ok i have been reading this thred but i cant seem to find out which exact hub was used. Probly just having a brain fart.

My other question is whith the hub and new rim and frame and some better Bearings how much does is come to total.

Last question is there a hub that is the same size that is splined

thanks all


PS Bent the crap out of MY 3rd crank on my coker stock cranks just cant take the beating HEHEHe

See u-turn’s post tiltled “Strongest Coker Wheel in the World”.
The wide hub is a customized Suzue. The current batch was made by Tommy Miller at The Unicycle Factory.
The production splined hubs are not all that wide as far as flange to flange width. The Profile is about the same as the stock Suzue. If memory serves, the Kris Holm production hubs are even narrower than that although the overall axle length is wider.

I’ve got a pair of Kooka 150mm cranks, they are the Razor model, they look just like the ones at They are hard to find but they are out there. I got mine off ebay for about $35. Another option would be the Profile Trials cranks. They are 150 or 155mm and have a square taper. They are expensive though.


Here are the threads you want to read. Look especially for posts by U-Turn who made the wheel.

Photos at


i agree with all this “worlds strongest coker wheel” stuff 100%. At NAUCC Dave got me and Ben to test the wheel for him, and after doing coker trials, i set off to do a really big drop. 7.5 feet was the biggest i tried. after impact, the crank was so bent, i couldn’t roll away, however, the wheel was still almost perfectly true. I was amazed.

Anyways, i kinda want a coker for MUni now, but they still are pretty heavy.


Now that’s what I call testing!! Way to go Ryan! Are there any unbelievers left?



Now that is one nice drop

are there any cranks that are garrenteed for life or am i just grasping at straws

Great Job

Garrenteed for Life… Cranks!

This Hub and CRANKS have a Lifetime Warranty. From

Poznanter Hub Assembly by Profile Racing - 48-Spline, 36-Hole Spindle, Crank Arms and Bearings
A premium axle/hub & crank assembly with a lifetime warranty.
Price: $299.00


You guys showed amazing skill and guts. Imagine cleaning a picnic table on a Coker! That takes real skill. And the 7.5’ drop was from a fairly narrow ledge.

Thanks to you all for your help, and I can’t wait to see Dan’s video!

Congratulations to Ryan on his MUni victories at NAUCC, including overall MUni champion.

Is there any video of the Coker trials and drop?? Inquiring minds want to know… I want to know;)


i have a feeling that clip might make on UniVerse 2 (lawd i hope so)

We’re trying to get the video in… Dan has given the ok; now it’s just logistics.

Although we don’t have the big videos available yet, I’ve posted some new Strongest Coker Wheel pics and vids, including:

– A couple of photos of Ryan with the trashed crank
– Some videos of Jacinto Ayuso doing hops and a 2-foot drop to the track
– A video showing the wheel trueness after all the Coker trials, including the 7.5 foot drop

The link is below.

It didn’t take much to true up the wheel after NAUCC 2003. I’ve posted a video of the wheel’s trueness after tweaking it. The video shows that the rim sustained no damage in the 7.5’ drop or other Coker trials. The wheel is at about the same trueness as Nathan’s wheel when new.