Hunter vs GB4 frame (cost)

I am debating whether or not to get a Coker soon. If I get one, I might get the airfoil wheelset from and gb4/hunter frame. How much does a gb4 frame typically cost, and how much does a hunter frame usually cost? And for those that have either one…do you think its worth it? I tried cyberbellum’s coker a long time ago, and it was a green hunter frame, and it looked amazing I believe U-turn(sorry I only remember your screen name, haha) put the unicycle together and made a custom air saddle. That was one of the smoothest coolest looking unicycles I have ever seen.

Don’t leave out the regular coker frame as an option. I have one, and it works great. It probably isn’t as strong as the hunter, but it is still good. For sure get an airfoil rim; the regular rim sucks (i can taco it with my hands). If you want brakes, i’m sure someone can braze on magura mounts; i’m going to have to do this soon.


Availability might be a bigger issue…:o

Man, people underestimate the stock coker rim. If you use it for road riding and your not a <Cough>Big fat guy<End Cough>, the stock rim is very practical. In fact, I’ve done a bit of trail riding on mine and the rim is still very true. I’ve even bent one of my cranks without damaging the rim. I dont know, maybe UDC accedentaly shipped me an airfoil rim.:slight_smile: ( And now I’ll go out tomorrow and taco my rim)

if you can get a gb4 coker, you’re a lucky man.

I got a stock Coker from Darren. He sandblasted the chrome off, welded on magura mounts, and powdercoated it for about $90 extra.

Yeah, Geoge isn’t making frames anymore. pdc, i’ve been told that the coker frame flexes too much to have a brake on it, have you has nay problems with rub, particularly when pedalling hard?

Honestly I don’t use my brakes anymore because I can’t keep the stock crap rim true. It worked OK in the beginning when the rim was true.

Okay, well I guess the gb frame is out of the picture, hah. I do like what darren did to that coker though, for a good price, I might go through bedford.

man. When I order my Coker, it’s gonna look something like that. wow :smiley:

Here it is fully equipped. Except now it has red pedals and a KH gel seat.

How did you get the gb4 handlebars onto the kris holm seat? I thought they only fit miyata style seat bases.

Actually the issue is more the seat base strength. Miyatas are often used along with the GB stiffener plate. Many others use it with carbon fiber bases. In that picture it was bolted on a Viscount base. In time it started to bend. So now I use this setup below using a rail adapter. I’ve done it on both a Viscount and currently a KH Gel which is the same as a KH standard. The adapter makes it quite strong and affordable.

What a beautiful coker you have.

It cries out from it’s innermost being for an airfoil rim.

Indeed I am :smiley:

I’ve had my GB4 Frame for a few months now. It’s quite a bit heavier then the Hunter, but it’s also a bunch cheaper. I got mine for under $250 with Maggie mounts. A Hunter costs quite a bit more.

I’ll get some pics of my GB4 Coker, “The Jolly Green Giant” when I get a chance. I have it built up with an Airfoil wheelset, the GB4 Frame, KH Carbon seat base, Reeder Handle, KH Fusion Cover, 150mm BE Cranks, and Cheap Welgo pedals.