Hunter uni?

Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone muniswith a Hunter uni? He just informed me that he can do any bearing size and brake bosses and hell do a 24". Not far off pricewise from KH. Its not that I hate aluminum but all of my MB are steel. If anyone owns one could you post a pic and how it compares to an aluminum KH 24"

Rick :slight_smile:

Hunter used to be one of the reference high-end unicycle makers, back before we had so much decent production stuff. I’ve got a Hunter super-wide 26" to fit an Endomorph tire; the frame is great. Others have 24" and 36" Hunters. They’re very solid. Make sure that he can do one that can fit the current KH hub (42mm OD bearings).

I don’t own one, so can’t speculate how it compares to a KH (but if I was to speculate, I’d say it would certainly do well), but if you’re after photos, there are lots about. A couple of minutes searching found these;


He said he could do 42mm bearings, Thanks for the info

I have a 26" Hunter with 42mm bearings and a main tube that accepts 27.2 seat posts. I have been very happy with it and Rick was a great guy to deal with. I unfortunately haven’t taken any pictures of it individually but you can get the idea from his web site and if he is not pulling it from stock he will powdercoat it any color you like. I went with orange.

I am sure you will not be disappointed if you go with him over the KH.