Hunter Seatpost Sizing Question

I’m trying to finalize the setup for my Hunter 36, and it’s clear I need to get a wider seatpost than the one on my current GB4 36. I tried to use the spare aluminum shim I had from UDC, but it’s not the right size and anyway I’d rather have a clean interface. I did a search on some past threads on RSU, and it looks like the Hunter takes a 26.8 seatpost. Looking at the selections on UDC, I’m not finding this width for either the Primo Rod or Thompson, which would be my preferred choices. I found this surprising since UDC sells Hunters. Assuming I need to buy one from a bike supplier instead, I checked the stock online at Performance. Found two choices…a Thompson road post, and a Thompson MTB post. So here are my questions:

  1. Does anyone know the functional difference between these, and which would be preferable for cokering?

Road Seatpost

MTB Seatpost

Regardless of Road or MTB, I’m assuming I’d get the “Black/268” model, and that 268 is shorthand for 26.8.

  1. Any Hunter owners using any other type of rail-adapter seatpost that you would recommend?



Frame sizes for MTB’s are generally chosen smaller for crotch clearance above the top tube. They therefore require a longer seatpost. There are also larger diameter seatposts now available for MTB’s that are stouter. The two seatposts you show have the same tilt clamp apparatus. If the roadbike post is long enough for you, you can consider it a subset of the MTB seatposts because you can saw either one off to the required length.

Tom, the “Elite” road model is more than adequate. They take a hit and do not bend. Thomson also makes the “Masterpiece” model which has even less material and is still stout.

Here’s another source for new:

I got mine used on eBay.