Hunter Muni on Ebay

I’m selling my like new Hunter Muni on Ebay…Muni just wasn’t my thing.

Muni just wasn’t my thing!


Oh so sweet!



morningstar26? Hummmmm, now who could that be?

I’m telling Rose!


Gee, let me guess what Tommy will be riding in September?

I would love to get that but I have no money. NOOOOOOO!!!


Brothers, remember the fraternity. Mums the word.


That is a gorgeous piece of equipment. It’s a shame you bought such a nice, expensive unicycle only to find out that you weren’t into Muni.

Have fun with it, Tommy

Tommy, what about the coker, wont someone please think of the cokers!

runs crying from the room

theres still 5 days left…lots of chances for snipers.

This seems like a great deal. I am wondering about it not having a splined hub. I have seen loads of posts stating this is the only way to go for muni’s. Any opinions?

I don’t see you putting anything up for sale, so I doubt it will be you. But, if it is you, he’ll be able to get it from you in six months anyway.:smiley: Besides, who knows where his bid limit is set?

KH 24"

Still sitting at $455 with about 7 hours left.

nyuk nyuk nyuk…

It’s gotta hurt that morningstar lost it for a mere $7.50.

I was in too deep anyway. I’m glad somebody got a great deal - sorry for the seller. It should have gone for a lot more!