Hunter Muni 24" Custom

Decided to sell my custom Hunter Muni.

Parts as follows
-Hunter Frame
-Kris Holm Seat and Post
-Animal Seat Clamp
-Surly Large Marge Rim
-Purple Nipples
-Black Spokes
-Profile Hub, Titanium Spindle, and Cranks
-Arrow Racing Wide bite tire

Looking to get $500
Shoot me a reasonable offer looking to not ship out of the lower 48. Maybe Canada if price works out.

Pics are on photo bucket so just click through if you want.

Im located in minnesota.


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I was totally drooling over your uni at Moab Muni fest in 2007 I believe?

There was a mountain dew filming crew that was filming us all ride.

I wish I had money to burn cause id totally get this!!! Such a badass unicycle!!

Good luck on the sale :slight_smile:

Thanks man I did sell it the day i posted it here! i found the link to the youtube video too!!

Sold sold sold

I don’t think I’ll be quite to the skill level required to drop off Slickrock ledges at the “new” 2014 Moab MuniFest, but I hope to be there with the (in?)famous green Hunter, doing what I’m capable of. :smiley: (Thanks Kurt!!)

…I’ve been riding MTB in Moab for over 15 years, so it’ll be fun and interesting to experience old trails in a new way. Will still have to lug the all mountain rig down for a Porc shuttle, though… :sunglasses: