Hunter Frame Picture Thread

I am trying to decide what color to have my new frame powder coated. Let’s see pics of everyones Hunter frames. It’s kind of hard to tell what some of his color choices will look like on the frame from the little pallete on his website. Thanks

mine is Hunter Green, available on ebay soon.

Mine is Red, same as my GB4. I like Red Unicycles.

Jagur, that’s a very cool green. Not sure I’d like it on a 36 frame, but it’s great for the woods…helps keep you chamo-ed. Are those kookas going along with, or just the frame?

I like the blue Hunter frame. Who are these people?

He has several yellows, but there is only one really nice colorful one. Here’s what a Hunter36 looks like in that yellow - sorry I don’t remember the name.

I can post a photo of a black one too, but it’s pretty obvious what that looks like.


Not a Hunter but similar - Rowing Blizzard

yeah the whole thing is going except the seat, rail adapter and maybe the brake.

Beau-dacious Yellow, perhaps?

I couple shots of a Hunter in this thread

Dave Lowell (aka Uni57) has an unbelievably groovy purple hunter frame on his coker. It is just the coolest looking thing–like a metallic purple corvette form the 60s.
Dave, if you see this, perhaps a picture of that incredible coker?

ps–I am jealous of YOU ALL! I am a big fan of Hunter frames–they just might be the only frames that are more excellent than the crome plated wonderment of my Sun29er…(ex-28er)

If I ever get a Hunter frame, I will be sure to stick a “Sun” logo on it–just to be faithful to the greatest unis of all time…

just think, you might be jealous of a new person in just 4 days some hours. :sunglasses:

I know, I know…don’t rub it in.
I need to get another job. That way, I can afford a Hunter frame for my 29er.–and, I could afford that totally excellent hunter-framed gem you are currently selling on eBay…
But till then, I could only dream, and, be jealous…