Hunter + Bridgman hub?'s

Has anyone put a Bridgman/Drastic Lytefoot hub into a Hunter frame? Just curious.

The stock spacing of the Hunter frame will not accept the Muniac hub. The stock Hunter frame is designed to fit the bearing spacing on the Semcycle deluxe hub. But Rick Hunter will build up anything you want.
I will soon have a cycle with this set-up. I have the Muniac hub/wheel set up with Kooka cranks and am waiting on delivery of a Hunter frame with a wider than usual spacing to fit the hub. I should have the frame anyday now.
Scott’s hub spacing is 4.25" from center to center. The only stock frame that I know of which will accept this is Scott’s own Wilder fork.

  • Frank

I have the Muniac/Kooka combo in a yuni frame. It didn’t quite fit so I had to gently persuade the frame legs apart to get it to work :smiley: It is a strong setup though.