Hunter - brakes, why on rear stays?

Anyone know why the brakes on a Hunter are on the rear most stays and not on the main stays?

I am wondering if the brakes on the main seat stay would have been hit by a riders heal. Any thoughts?


Re: Hunter - brakes, why on rear stays?

We can speculate here, but one idea would be to pick up the phone and give Rick Hunter a call and ask him. From what I hear he’s quite accessible, and would probably love to hear from someone that rides his product.

At least for the models with the single boss on each side, it’s a good thing they’re on the rear stay…else the GB Booster unit wouldn’t be mountable. Although I doubt that was a design consideration at the time…

you wouldnt be able to get the tool in the bolt to tighten the brakes down,even a Bondhaus type allen wrench wouldnt be very good.i did bring this up with Rick last year,he told me he could make the gap slightly bigger so brakes could work in there…it would make the frame ultimately heavier though.