Hunter 36

I have a brand new Hunter 36 ridden 5 times in the drive way. My reason for selling is I do not have the time to learn how to ride another unicycle. When I have time to ride, I use my KH 24 off road.

Frame is powder coat Black,

Night rider pro rim, white
Night rider tire
UDC superwide square taper hub

Schlumpf cranks (i have a few sizes to pick from)

Seat: KH with air bladder
Magura HS 33

I have some different pedals that you can choose.

I hate to part with it. I am looking to get $800 plus shipping. If you are seriously interested, I will provide photos.

I can also be reached directly via e-mail:

Thank-you for looking, willy

Sorry to tell you this bro, but you need to lower your price signifigantly on that uni and you should also post some pics. Unicycles prices and technologies have changed a lot since you bought that unicycle and it is not worth that much. As proof I post this for you.

First of all I’m not in a position to buy this uni, but I can understand the price. I’m having a hard time understanding how a hand built frame and a full custom cycle is underpriced as compared to stock cycles. Granted the dual hole cranks are a nice touch, but people who have them have commented about how the weight isn’t necessarily a price worth paying for the convenience. Aside from that the “technology” in this uni is fairly current. The Nightrider pro rim, the Nightrider tire, and the Magura’s are the current stuff, and the square taper hub is also current.

The Hunter frames are beautiful, and the person who wants one is certainly looking for a special ride and not just an off the shelf cycle.

That Hunter is well worth $800 bro.

800 right

If it is worth $800, why dont u buy it for Mother