Hunter 36" Frame?

Curious if any of you with short legs have a Hunter frame for a 36" wheel.

Does anyone have measurements of the width of the crown?

How high is the crown from the tire?


I don’t know what you consider short legs but I have a crank bolt to top of seat measurement of 30" (using 140 MM cranks). The width of the crown at the tire is 5", it gets wider towards the bottom (running wide hub). There is 1/2" tire clearance at the top, the seat tube is 4". When I ordered, he (Rick Hunter) asked about the seat tube length and how short I wanted to go.

Not trying to get too personal, but how big around are your quads? Mine are 23" at the point were the crown on my GB4 hits my leg. That is about 7 inches above the knee on the back of my leg.

Also does the tubing for the forks protrude in front of the seat tube at all?

You might try to contact Bronson. From the pics, he seems to fit the profile.

Sorry I don’t know his inseam length, but when my son got his Hunter36 (wide-hub like Dirtsurfer), he was about 5’1" and while he fit with 125mm cranks fine, 152mm was a little long. 6 months later at a bit over 5’3" he fits the 152s fine with the seat all the way down.

Hope that helps,

I’m at 21" at 5’11" about 205 lbs. The seat tube is mounted on the front and center of the tube and the other goes back. Heres a side view…


I think with the seat forward and the tubes mounted that way my legs will easily clear the tubes.

I notice occasionally brushing the front tubes on mine, but the interface is smooth and curved and not abrasive at all.

Cool, that is pretty much what I experienced with the stock Coker. I love the look, and stiffness of the GB4 frame, but those of us that are short with quads of steel are going to rub.

Also if I havn’t said it enough, I love the feel of my new wheel. It is exactly what you said it would be. If riding a Coker could be anymore fun it would be illegal. By the way jeffrey is beside himself…if he was impatient before, he is about to be locked up in a rubber room after riding mine.:smiley:

In my case at the moment, it’s steel with a rubber coating. :smiley:

Thanks for your comments about the wheel… squash lots of bugs with it! :sunglasses: