Hunter 26"

anyone with $600 plus shipping interested in a 26" Hunter, splined hub etc?

just seeing if theres interest b4 i take a bunch of pix and post a official thread.


jagur don’t do it! we’re gonna ride soon.

I am interested!
How old is it and what shape?

its less than 2 years old. its hardly ever been ridin and in perfect condition.

Norway is farther away than anything i have ever shipped, it would probobly be quite expensive to ship it to you.

I guess so! I think the shipping is about 300$

I am interested but I see it is easyer for you to sell it in the same country.

Looks good! But I’m in Europe too, and I could hardly justify buying another muni…

Jagur, maybey a few other pics? and Ship to canada? How mucha re you asking?

read! ha

sorry, im partial blind.

jeez. Maybe this sould be on eBay Europe.

nother pic.

the pedals and seat have since been changed. dog not for sale.

any chance that frame would fit an endomorph?

not sure since i dont have thaT tire around to check, but it has alot of clearance over the 2.7 michilin pictured. it has half inch clearance on each side to frame.