Hunter 26" Muni Frame

Looking for a Hunter 26" frame, prefer Magura brake mounts, 42mm bearing holders, must be clean and straight, okay if it needs paint.

Send PM with details…

Not an expert on the Hunter, but unless it’s very new, I don’t think you’ll find one with 42 mm bearing holders. I think Rick Hunter just started using that size in the last year; all the older ones have 40 mm for Profile hubs.

The new bearings in the 09 KH line should make the size of the bearing holder pretty much a non-issue. You can just pick up a pair of the moment bearings with the 40mm outer diameter and you’ll be set.

Hey Peter, what do you think of Hunter frames? I’m in between on getting something exotic like a Hunter or getting the new KH 26. Do you know anything about tire clearances on the Hunter 26"?

Tire clearance on the hunter is 3". Then again hunter’s are custom made to order, so you can get one as wide as you want.

I own a Telford 26er (below; similar to a Hunter) so don’t have firsthand info. However, at one of the CMWs I asked Nathan Hoover why he’d gone from Hunter to the KH munis, and he said something to the effect that the KH stiffness was a big improvement over the Hunter.

The Telford: