Hunter 24in Muni Complete, Plus Extras

It’s green and purple, and badass all over. :wink:

Spec as follows:

  • Hunter Frame
  • Kris Holm Fusion Freeride Saddle
  • Kris Holm Post
  • Kris Holm Saddle Reinforcer
  • Animal Seat Clamp
  • Crazy crinkle green Odyssey pedals
  • Surly Old School Large Marge Rim (24in x 65mm)
  • Purple Nipples
  • Black Spokes
  • Magura Hydro Rim Brake w/pads, lever, and mounting hardware (not shown)
  • Kris Holm Brake Lever Bracket (not shown)
  • Profile Hub, Titanium Spindle, and Cranks
  • Panaracer Fire FR 24x2.4in tire (installed)
  • Arrow Racing Wide Bite 24x3.0in tire
  • Nokian Gazzaloddi Jr. 24x2.6in tire
  • Lots of stickers!

This uni has been around a while (it’s “kinda famous”), but is in absolutely fantastic shape. Nothing is loose, stripped, or broken. And…you know, it’s a hand-made Hunter. :smiley:

The brakes I bought and never had a chance to install. They were guaranteed to be freshly bled and 100% functional.

Weight on the complete uni as shown is 13.6lbs.

Injury doesn’t really “force” a sale, but common sense tells me it’s a good idea. Riding singletrack on anything that lacks suspension or 5in fat tires…well, hurts. Getting old sucks. :angry:

Asking $500US + Actual S/H. US and Canada only, please. PayPal preferred. Overseas shipping is too big of a pain. Shipping via FedEx ground. Uni is boxed and ready to go! Shipping size and weight are as follows: 29.5"L x 31"H x 11.5"W and 29.1lbs, in case you want to estimate shipping on your own.

Would look nice with a bow on it and under a tree…:smiley:

Gallery of full-sized pics here: Google Gallery, Hunter 24in Muni

Bump for a New Year price drop. $450 + S/H

Crank Length Bearings?

Cool uni!

A few questions:

What length are the cranks?

Does that Profile hub / the frame use the same size bearings as the current ISIS hubs?

What is the seatpost diameter? 27.2 25.4 etc


I’ll need to crack open the box to to verify 100% the following data (stay tuned, I’ll do that after I get back from snow biking), but off the top of my head:

  • Cranks - 165mm
  • Seatpost - 25.4
  • Bearings are NOT ISIS-standard. I had a discussion about a year ago with the original owner of this uni about hub/bearings/wheels, and I'm certain he said the frame bearing seats are not ISIS-compatible.

Like I said, I’ll double-check crank length and seatpost diameter later today. Thanks for the interest!

Local sale is pending. Once the sale is complete or aborted, I’ll update…

Still available

Haven’t seen an update…

Sorry… This wasn’t confirmed until recently: although the sale hasn’t taken place yet, a deposit has been put down for me to hold the Hunter until the buyer is in a more comfortable position to complete the purchase. As such, I’m considering it - for practical purposes - sold.

However, if the buyer does change their mind, I will definitely bump this thread!


Put me next in line if it falls through please…:slight_smile: