Hunirex 26" Touren Einrad: Wer kennt es?


kennt jemand dieses Konzept? Auf den ersten Blick wirkt das Vielversprechend. Man kann die Übersetzung durch unterschiedliche Ritzel einzustellen. Allerdings kann man wohl nicht schalten, sondern fährt eine feste Übersetzung.

Hat das schon jemand gefahren?

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Edit: Ich habe gesehen, dass die Idee schon älter ist. Hat sich wohl nicht durchgesetzt. Im Netz gibt es einige Videos von 2012 / 2013.

I bought one recently, but to be honest, I don’t enjoy it… at least not right now.

  1. Balance is very funny with the pedal axle lower than the centre of the wheel. Because of this it’s very easy to lose balance forwards or backwards. I broke a post on my balcony because the uni just flew out from under me and I didn’t have a hold/control of it. It can fly far and fast when you don’t have it under control on a dismount.
  2. On mine, both cranks feel loose, need constant tightening. Cranks are cotterless.
  3. You may encounter chain slop which makes it unpleasant/unnerving to ride. This can be fixed but you may need to play with it or spend time to get it fixed.
  4. The Q factor is huge and that makes mounting really difficult even though you are very low to the ground. If you put any pressure on the first crank the unicycle will turn in that direction.

In short… I would not buy one again. For speed I feel a 36” is a much better unicycle, even though it’s not easy to mount. At least the 36” is rideable first go if you can unicycle. The hunirex is like learning to unicycle all over again, and is fiddly.

Hunirex Review

Es gibt eine längere Review von “Vogelfrei80” in diesem Forum.

OK, danke…

da ist meine Begeisterung gleich wieder verflogen.

Ich denke, das Konzept ist einfach nicht ausgereift. Die Grundidee finde ich gut. Aber auch “Vogelfrei 80” hat ja einiges modifiziert und es ist dennoch nur ein Kompromiss.



It is a great unicycle, but you need to mod it and to get used to. A 36" don’t fit in my car that is way a bought a Huni-rex. However I bought it also to try to electrify it with a friction drive… but it’s just a dream right now

How do you feel while driving with the pedals lower than the tire center? Is that difficult?

It is easier to freemount (you don’t need to jump over the pedals or the saddle, they are low enought that I can push the uni and “slide” over it doing a slow rolling mount). I can’t tell the difference while riding about the lower pedals. It feel’s safer because you are sitting lower. It feels a lot heavier that my KH 29" (but some weight is related to the long handlebar, the bell, the phone holder, the water bottle, the mud guard, the small travel bag, the brake, the heavy brake braket and the fat tire) but I never tried to hop with it (I’m learning right now to hop with my 29")

Do you have a picture from your modified Hunirex?

It sounds realy interrestig what you do with your uni.



I can use an old photo… today the saddle is without any cover (waiting the first Italian meeting to buy one)… my first attempt to seam one is a shame!

Hi to everyone, I searched the forum but found anything about.
How do I mount a v-brake? Are adapters needed?
Thanks, have a nice ride.

You need the v-brake itself, and a pair of bolts/bosses that thread into the holes on the frame.

You will also then need a brake lever mount for under your seat, or bars to mount the lever to.

When the frame has Magura mounts, you can either use a specific adapter to install V-Brakes or you can make one yourself with some basic hardware:

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The huni-rex has threaded holes for v-brake posts rather than Maggie mounts

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That was a great move in this particular frame’s design :slight_smile:

Cool. interesting for my other unys

But I think I need some spacer o adapter for mounting them on the frame. The screw’s don’t fit. Perhaps something I can find in some bike shops. But don’t know how they are called.

Yes, you need v-brake posts, which have a threaded hole in the top to accept your v-brake screws.

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