Please excuse my lack of German, but thought that there would be more people in Germany who would be interested in this.

It was posted on Rec.Juggling:

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Subject: Unicycle Hockey

> Hey all,
> On June 25-26. Gyõr, Hungary will host the 1st Unicycle Convention and
> Unicycle Hockey Demostration. The event will be the start of the “GYÕR
> SUMMER”, which has been going on for years now, and features everything
> from music to shows. We would like a unicycle hockey team (7-8 members) to
> demonstrate the game, and teach some of the local unicycle kids for the
> basics.
> We can give:
> Traveling costs
> Accomodation with full board (1 night)
> Some pocket money
> The planned schedule is the following:
> June 25, Friday: Unicycle meeting
> June 26, Saturday: Unicycle Hockey Demo
> If you are interested, and you consider coming, please let me know at:
> or by phone:
> +36705083536
> Thank you very much.
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uaaaa tönt ja geil wie ich das verstehe wollen die einem alles zahlen.