Hungarian Underground II

Awesomness (trick wise)!

Krisz is untouchable now… It can’t be possible to get that good…

Only really with flips and spins on flat. Adrien is almost (in my opinion) at his level too with those.
I loved “Benyó’s” freestyle plus a flip trick combos.

All these tricks were insane, indeed.

But the rest was horrible. Music, filming, style, editing.



I love Krisz’s style!

He has too big muscles or I don’t know. He’s always riding with his legs kinda open and he does like a chicken with his arms, like a bodybuilder (It’s hard to explain what I mean…). Anyways, styles are about preference, and that’s mine (and Émile’s :p).

haha too big muscles! thats more of a compliment than a criticism i think. and +1 to the chicken arms comment. funny and true

the song is total win! haha XD

His whole riding style is kind of ugly I think too.

And what was that trick after the late(ish) tripleflip?

That was one of the best things i’ve ever seen.

I think it was a 360 Stutterflip attempt. That or a 360 Revflip attempt.

wtf are you talking about what does it really matter about style it really matters that he can exicute his tricks, style is only part of it! This video is funny cause ive been to some of these places. But what happened to benny in two ways 1 how did he get so good? 2 why is he not on the sponsor team anymore?



You also think he rides écarté, like when we are niaising and we say “Krisz’s style !”. That’s what I meant.

It matters about style beacause if someone doesnt have flow and grace they arent as interesting. Someone who can pull it off with style is worth watching. Huge tricks are cool to see but its cooler to see someone do big tricks with a flow. Just like its cooler when someone has a style and flow with music than someone who can just play the fastest or the most technichal.

Anyway… Awesome video anyway. Enjoyed the tunage. Really chillin… Haha. Looks like someone is going to have to go bigger than 1080 soon. Especially since adrien did it on flat. I think he could pull off a 1260 off a bench…
And Krisz does pull off some crazy ass tricks and combos. I like to watch his lines of flip/spin tricks the most. His rolling combos just dont flow as well for me most of the time, even though he pulls off some amazing combos that are awesome to see.


There were tricks? I was to busy laughing at the music. I may need to watch it a couple of times to appreciate you tricks, but of what i saw it was very impressive.

please search for a thread called ‘Real Street’. u might find it interesting and hopfully help u to c the light


Mind… blown… lack of words…

That was amazing! All of those flip trick were so huge, that video had it all as far as flips go. Automatic favorite haha!


Hugo’s comment made me lol :stuck_out_tongue: But Krisz’s style isn’t that bad. And this vid didn’t have many hops. Probably the worst thing is the way he lands with the seat way out infront. But can’t really complain when he’s doing such insane shit.

O and the music was dumb :P.

I’d love to see another sinco vid of these two.

I always tried to say this, that he´s riding is sketchy in a way that is hard to describe.

after seeing him live you can´t say he´s sketchy. He almost never fails, doing long creative flet combos the looks nice all the time and rides superduper clean! i don´t know why he´s films look sketchy, Krisz and Pinzes are some of the cleanest riders in the world live. I thaught he was uncreative, but when i rode with him he invented stuff.