Hundreds of FREE KH UNICYCLES!!!

look at our maine pictures now and tell me what you think.
now !!!

thanks dudes. peace out. oh, and about the unis, they were donated to the people-with-no-legs-fund.

Sorry.   yeah, i wish it were true too.


That was pretty cheeky! Great photos though. I’m waiting to see those videos you were talking about (or someone was talking about).

Andrew Carter

I saw and responded to the original post you guys made. Thanks for the pictures. The links help alot for those of us who are helpless (unlike the ever-resourceful Jagur).

Now, please change your signature file to read, “veni, vidi, unicyclici” which, in a butchered translation, could be forced to mean, “I came, I saw, I unicycle-conquered” rather than, “I came, I saw, I am a unicycle-embryo.”

Nothing compares to the ultimate mud of 24 hours of rain:


Let’s see, how does that work? Never done it before… Profile>Add to Your Ignore List… humm, seems like alot of work just to get rid of a gnat pretending to be a honey bee, sure would have been considerate if he had just put a link in his post and spare us the trouble. Tedious