hula hoopin

i just started working on hoopin while idleing. having a hell of a time too. does anyone have any advise?

ps. does anyone know how to build a flaming hula hoop?

cover (spelling?) it with lighter fluid.

I have no tips. I’m not that good.

Re: hula hoopin

Yeah, it’s pretty easy, don’t.

But if you must, I imagine that you could put an outer ring, which would be attached to the inner one, that you’d light, so you wouldn’t burn yourself.

that would be boring

Ive seen someone do this befor and what they did was have an inner ring that was not=rmal and then bars attatching to a larger outer ring that was covered in cloth with carosine(sp?) on it. It would look like this. The one i saw was all metal and it was just a big guy so you might want to make it more lightweigh so it doesnt break your ribs.Its a crappy as h*ll picture but its the basic idea.

hula.bmp (115 KB)

thanks for the idea catboy.i hadnt thought of puting an outer hoop on. what ive tried so far is puting a few spokes (for lack of a better word) sticking 3 inches out of the hoop with wicks at the end of those. 3 inches was not enough space because 30 seconds after i light it up it flew apart into 3 peices. i want to keep the inner ring plastic or something else that wont burn me as i intend to perform this without a shirt on.

to rayden who said this would be boring: would it still be boring if i were idling on a slack rope while juggling three torches and hoopin?

I think it would be better if you didnt have a shirt on or if you had to wear something a really tight fitting shirt that wont catch fire. The one hoop i saw was about 10lbs. and was made out of cast iron or something, but the guy was huge and extremely buff and oily(mmmm sweet sweet bodily oil). so i would go buy the thickest good hula hoop you can and use some sturdy spokes. You wouldnt have to have an outer ring you could just have flames on about 6-10 spokes sticking out about 5 inches each, with some cloth on the end of them for fire. That would be somewhat easier but it would take longer to light. Whichever way you go make some photos so we can see a step-by-step process so if i ever make one (probably will just for fun) i will have a easier time. Happy trails(or trials wherer youre munieer or a trialist)