Hugofest Juggling Festival

It’s the weekend of the fifth at Davidson College, just north of Charlortte North Carolina and I will be there with a stock Coker and the Pashley 29er. There are jogging trails suitable for muni behind the football field. If anyone in the area can tolerate jugglers, (heck, I know most of you are jugglers…) I urge you to go to this festival. It is a great family thing. If I knew how I would throw an internet link up on this posting. Hint-Hint!

C’mon, you know you want to try a Coker!

Carjug, I am still trying to talk my family into attending. You might see us all there.

I will e-mail you before, if we are going. --chirokid–

Davidson is only about 30 minutes drive for me, but I am supposed to be at a Mtn Bike Downhill competition in Charlotte on Saturday and I’ll be in the mountains on Sunday…

Maybe I’ll rework my schedule…