Hugo on BBC News Website!!!

Nice one Hugo, way to go!!! Awesome bit of footage and material to promote the sport!!

Ahah, thanks for posting this. I didn’t know it would be that much of a deal when we shot the footage, I thought it was for BBC Canada actually. Now I’m ashamed of my french accent… :o

Currently at #12 (was #11 a few minutes ago) on the BBC news website so it’s pretty popular!

As is mentioned specifically we may see a number of new forum members soon!

nice one! great for our sport, thanks!

No need to worry about the accent matey! I think it was number two in the list of videos when I saw it. I’m in the UK working for Caterpillar so all of our web traffic goes through the US, hence why it showed up I guess.

Well done though, again!

Yeeeeeah ma nicka!

Bro, will you come to unicon?

Did you even watch it ? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty sure I mentionned somewhere in there that I was flying to Italy this summer…

I guess you’ll be there too, if you asked ? You have to defend your title : Chris vs. Krisz !

Hugo how much is your record in long jump?

My official record at NAUCC was 330, and now it’s around 360-370. The only reason I talked about it in the interview was because he asked about it. He was misinformed and thought I currently had a world record, and it was one of the reasons why he wanted to do the interview with me. I can’t complain, I got to talk about unicycling on TV, but it did make me feel uncomfortable.

I tried to emphasize the fact that I was riding purely for the fun of it, and that I simply had a personal goal of 400. I was probably not clear enough about that in English…

The first that jumps 400cm won! :smiley:

I compete only against myself, I am my only enemy.

What is your current personal best jump ?

370 ^^

That was awesome Hugo :smiley: