Huge tip for shaving a tire

I have been shaving my Luna for the past couple days on and off out of boredom. The other night I decided to take my dads advice and wet the blade everytime I cut a nub and I found it was WAYYYYYYY easier.

So the best way to cut the nubs off that I have found so far is to use a blade that is shaped like like number 22 in this list and keep it wet. It also helps the blade not go dull as fast so you won’t spend as much time cutting and you won’t spend as much time changing blades.

It took me 15 minutes last night to do half the outer row, then another 15 to cut halfway through the other entire outer row so I think its pretty awesome and you could probably do an entire tire much faster with it.

When I finish sanding I will post pictures although I don’t really care about ever using the tire so I’ve already hit the threads a few times just from going to fast.

Wetting the Blade

What you say makes perfect sense. Rubber has a very high coeficient of friction and by wetting the blade you are actually lubricating it and reducing the coeficient of friction between the blade and the rubber. Water is a pretty decent lubricant. However you can probably do even better with soapy water, various oils and greases, or even vasaline.


I used an ultra sharp wood chisel. Took me less than an hour to go through all my nubs on my MEC. I also cut my thumb pretty good when I slipped, so watch out!

Why did you shave the Eagle Claw?

Why not? It was old and I wanted to test it out. Why did you shave yours?

Im gonna have to chime in and say my mew favorite way of shaving a tire is using an angle grinder.

“Zip wheels” are our friend. As long as you don’t mind the smell of burning rubber.

Eagle Claws are special, Creepy Crawlers are blah.

but they suck shaved

battery pack ‘zip wheel’ & ute, parking meters worst nightmare.

i used razorblade knife thingy didn’t take too long… i used a sandpaper machine, and it tok like 2 hours or something, and now you can bearly see the old lines… im gonna buy a new, because people say shaved is no good grip on trial, but some other than maxxis cc is better. and i will try :smiley:


cat.bmp (134 KB)

I used a hack saw to cut all mine off…then i just sanded…

word of caution for using angle grinders…
The tire will catch fire if you arent super careful…
if it does, just cut it off the rim, it will be super hard to put out, and will screw your rim over.
Just word of caution…

I was not careful at all. In fact I made a point to do the quickest sloppiest job I could. No fire, no smoke, no problems. The only thing I would recommend if you are going to use an angle grinder is to be careful not to go to far into the rubber, do touch ups with a sander for best results.