huge hop

title says it all

wow, anybody beat that?

edit: look what was realated

Wow! Please note the palettes were not stacked vertically, so the actual jump height was somewhat less than the diagonal measurement shown.

But that was HUGE!

I’d give it 14cm

He bounces as if he were on a trampoline…

Just guessing, I assumed that the edge of the top was six inches in from the edge of the bottom, and I still calculated the height to a bit more than 113 cm.

Geez, I can’t even drop that high.

why not?

that 1440 degree unispin doesn’t look quite right…i mean, was there a moment where she was coasting feet off frame, or what… :thinking:

Is Fabian on the forums? Why wouldn’t he post something like this himself?

If you can drop off a picnic table, I think you could probably drop that to.

looks like they filmed 5 360s or somthing. (i diden’t calculate that so please don’t give me a :roll_eyes: )

I know the girl who does it. It is Gro Peirup from Danemark. The unispin is no fake, you will see at fluck.

Haha I did! It was 161.5 cm, or 5’3"(didn’t land it great though:()


I hope you leanded that SIF…

[I assume you meant *landed".] But it’s no, I land on the pedals if I read your implication right haha!:slight_smile: I also find it much smoother and easier to roll out of a drop while seat in. The only advantage I can see to sif is when hopping up stuff so you can tuck more, but I don’t see the benefit to using sif for drops. Seat in feels way more stable, at least for me.:smiley: Plus if a crank breaks on a big drop and your sif, you’re face could crash right down onto the seat, since it would be right in front of you :astonished:

Great job dude I just did a 5ft drop! They are really fun, scary and hard atleast for me!

Thanks man! Yeah it sure seems waaaay higher when you’re up there looking down! I plan on building a very small ramp, maybe only 4-6" at the high end, so I can roll out on the landing.

I wasn’t able to roll out in that pic/video because I was “sinking” into the soft grass upon landing, causing me to pitch off forward, 'cause I was trying to continue forward with the rollout, but got stuck each time.

big drops are hard on your ankles…

Yeah they are and if your foot is barely off or wrong you can hyper extend your ankle… not fun… Anyways does this video not work for anybody else they little loading circle thing just sits there when ever I go to watch it… It sucks… I wanna see I WANNA SEE!

Same girl, only a bit drunk I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

that the biggest hop ive ever seen, he must have rubber legs or something…