does anyone know of a hub that is square tapered that is stronger than a suzue?
and what would the height of a drop be with a suzue hub and unbreakable cranks on a 24" with someone 10 stone with a roll out after?

there is a custom hub out there, i think it’s made by Steve Howard that is stronger than the Suzue.

My first Uni had a suzue hub and some Kooka cranks (very strong) and about 3 months after learning to ride i tried a 6 ft drop off a dumpster, and snapped the axle.

I’d say with good technique the most you’d be able to get away with is 3.5 feet (repeated)

I d’ont think a suzue would break after just one big drop, but it’s the repeated pounding that eventually will cause it to fail.

If you are really concerned, and plan on doing 4+ foot drops, consistantly, then buy the profiles, or Onza, or KH hub. Splined is definately the way to go.


a friend of mine has a suzue hub with some bicycle euro cranks, he has gone through 2-3 pairs of cranks, but his hub seems ok, this is after repeated 5 foot drops, with the odd 6 foot drop aswell, and lots of 3-4foot drops

i think his hub may have survived well because he has weaker cranks, so the force goes into them, and they bend, leaving the hub undamaged? the bicycle euro’s are only £10 for a pair, so this seems a good way of doing it, as a new hub and wheelbuild would cost upwards of £50-60

thanks any other view?
why is it there isn’t any other strong square tapered hubs available? splined are only 20% stronger and stiffer than sq so why do they seem to be so much stronger???

I don’t know where you get the 20% figure. Is it a 20% thicker axle? That’s not the whole story. The square taper design is simply inferior for unicycles. We put way more stress on the hub/crank interface than bicycling, so we need something stronger. So no matter what you find in a square taper, it will probably never be able to match a splined axle, even if equal axle diameter.

Note: Jump heights are also a very rough way to measure an axle’s strength. There are many varying factors, the most important of which is rider technique. Plus, steel axles don’t (usually) break from a few hard impacts. The metal fatigues, as a cumulative effect of all the cranking, braking, hopping, and drops you do. A heavier rider with better technique will be able to use the same axle longer than a much lighter rider with poor technique, and so forth.

So that 20% figure I don’t think has anything to do with the relative longevity of square taper vs. splined axles on unicycles. I’d say it’s probably closer to 100%, though there are too many factors to really give out a number. Profiles are probably stronger than DMs, which are probably stronger than the less expensive KHs, etc.

For heavy pounding, get splined. Any splined.

I’ve made four square taper hubs. As far as I know all four are still unbroken.

Harper has one of them. When he stopped by on the way to NAUCC I was happy to see that the axle was still going strong even though the aluminum cranks were trashed. Anyone who’s seen Harper ride knows that he’s fearless and will try about anything … he’s not easy on equipment.

Paco has another one. From reading his posts it sounds like his hub is getting a good workout along with the rest of the MUni.

Maybe these hubs I’ve made are stronger than a Suzue …

But just to echo what John already said, there’s major problems with using square taper axles on unicycles. The axle size doesn’t really matter on a square taper axle because the weak part is just inboard of the cranks where the square part of the axle comes out of the crank. No matter what size the axle is, that square part will always be the same.

A splined axle will be stronger because the cross sectional area of the axle where is leaves the crank arm is larger than a square taper. In theory a Profile axle will be stronger than a DM or KH because the spline depth is shallow on a Profile, leaving a larger “root diameter” - thus more material.

Also, the strength of an axle increases roughly to the power of three as the diameter increases. The result is that a little bigger diameter makes a large increase in strength. That’s why the larger root diameter of the Profile axle makes it the strongest even though the “axle diameter” of all the splined axles is the same. But Profiles aren’t without their faults too.

I don’t think the best unicycle axle has been designed and built yet. I know that a very light and strong axle could be made but the problem is that it wouldn’t work with any frame or crank arm that’s available now. Everything would have to be totally custom and very expensive.

Steve Howard

I found information on this hub at It sounds like it’s a tough hub. But, I don’t know if you can buy it or how much it might cost.

Here is the link.

I believe that the KH hub is a little bit larger diameter than the Profile hub. The Profile hub uses bearings with a 19mm ID while the KH hub uses bearings with a 20mm ID. The Profile will still have a larger root diameter though because the Profile splines are so shallow.

A few days ago Scott (the Muniac) told be he had just completed a batch of that new hub. I don’t know if he will sell them or if they are just to put in new Wilder MUnis. It uses a modified taper so cranks (Kookas) have to be re-machined to match. I inquired about the possibility of a standard taper version but have not heard back.


Edit: I just noticed the last paragraph of that thread probably answers the standard taper question. No. But it appears he will be selling the modified taper hubs individually.

If the Muniac is making a hub, it will probably cost like $500.


This from that same thread referenced above:

The hub continues to perform well but at $150/ea the hub isn’t likely to be a big hit with those wanting cheap stuff like the Suzue hub for $20. The knowledge exists now for making good quality parts for those that need them. Until quantity goes up prices aren’t likely to come down anytime soon. Like the chef, I don’t give out my recipes.

dont even think about getting a square taper hub when the qu-ax hub is so cheap. its a 12 spline hub so its theoreticaly strongr than the kh, i dont beleive anybody has brken one yet, its also a realy cool yellow colour. and comes with more manuverable 125mm cranks.

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