hubs, k1, qaxle, Nimbus Oregon frame, flatfish CF, etc.

I have several parts for sale

  • K1 reinforced (unused)

  • QAXLE cranks + hub
    With Tektro brake disk (180)
    I don’t know the cranks size, but should be close to 125, maybe 132 or 127 mm.

  • Ajata ISIS hub (unused)
    Made of Aloy, and 48 holes

  • Mad4one hub
    The cranks are cracked; as ERGAL is unsuitable material.
    The hub is OK, but I made minor damage while taking it apart, as I was/am totally finished with Mad4one.

  • Nimbus Oragon Frame
    With unused parts: seatpost + Flatfish CF base + brake mount + Tektro hydraulic brake (rare but original green color; factory paint, fitting very well with the frame).



How much for the koxx one hub?

How much for the Frame?

I’d be interested in the hub+cranks+disc (Qu’Ax). You say Europe, where about?

Hi, i’d be interested in the frame assembly…
How much?

Simple question - difficult to answer…

It’s totally new. But I can’t find out what the new-price ever was.
I remember it was certainly costly, such that the word expensive would be justified - but the construction wasn’t easy neither.
If I look at Nimbus CrMo 36 ISIS, and KH Spirit, then I guess this should be fair:

E 50 + E 10 for tracked shipping to Germany.

I think about E 50 for just the frame - that’s a tiny bit less than what I paid for it, and haven’t used it since (past UNICON). It was used, but is in cosmetic decent condition, and technical condition is fine. I just discovered too late it needs a wider hub.

Above offer is for just the frame; it has one normal bearing-holder, and one d-brake holder.

For E 125 you can have the whole thing including brake, clamp, post, flatfish.
The seatbase will need some bolts, but is a normal size.

That means anything on the frame except for the frame?
Then let’s do above E 125 minus the E 50.

I think the D-brake bearing holder should belong to the frame.

New that hub/crank/disk combi is E 160,-

The only thing different to a brand new one is that this one catched a bit of dust.

So I’d say E 100 + E 10 shipping (to France) …?

Free local pickup in Amsterdam possible - be welcome.
Collection at Rue Voltaire (end of December) also possible.

If you think any of the above pricing is out-of-sync with reality, then feel free to let me know.

If you are happy to part this out I’d like the Flatfish and seat post, (if Superfunk doesn’t want them).

Edit: And brake mount!

The price is alright, but do you have the bearings for it? Bearings for koxx hubs are hard to find, as its a fairly uncommon size.

Yes, I’m sure I have it, so the deal would include it.

Found the other bearing and alu spacer, so it’s entirely complete.

PM sent :wink:

QAXLE cranks/hub-set + disk sold.


PM sent

It looks like that also the frame + all of it’s assembly is sold.

The Ajata ISIS hub (unused, alloy, 48h) is still available.

And also the Mad4one hub (used)
It has cosmetic damage at the mounting points, and a tiny piece of edge chipped off.
ERGAL is anyway unsuitable to make good hubs, so if you need something that wont get heavy abuse, like simple touring, this is good enough plus -no doubt- very good looking (but for myself -and my partner- I demand more than that).