Hub Width Question.

Okay guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a difference in how wide the flanges are on the KH Moment hub and Nimbus ISIS hub?

I have tired putting a Moment hub into a K1 frame (with 14g spokes) and the spokes would rub on the inside of the frame. I had to use bigger spacers which caused some pretty bad pressure on the bearings.

  1. So is the Nimbus hub less wide, as wide, or wider than the KH?
    -I know the KH says 75mm, and the Nimbus says “wide”, but no numbers.

  2. Also I dont fully remember this, but is the Nimbus hub solid, or drilled like he KH?

  • Nimbus says 600g , no weight on the KH.

Answers, thoughts, comments, links? Hook it up.


KH is driled, nimbus isn’t. Sorry can’t help with the widths

Thats what I thought but I swear someone quoted some figures that showed the Nimbus weighed a few grams less than the KH. I dont think they could have been right though.

i think Loch did in Brian O.s nimbus thread…

The Nimbus and the KH ISIS hub have the same dimensions and weight but the Koxx hub flanges are narrower according to


wat do you mean by drilled, b/c the nimbus flange has cut outs and the axle has a hole all the way through

by drilled i referring to the hole all the way through the axle, i understod it wasnt drilled but if you can see yours is then obivously i’m wrong, don’t want to pull the cranks on mine to check. My apologies.

All you need to do is take one crank bolt out and you should easily be able to see if its drilled.