Hub/Wheelset with coasting ability?

I am new to this world so please bear with me. Are there any hubs that have coasting ability? If so, can someone tell me which companies. Also, what is the average width of hubs, say on a 24-28" wheel.


To your first question, I say “Probably not.” As you may or may not know, being able to apply torque to the wheel in both directions is critical to riding. (Okay, it’s not critical, but it makes it a lot easier than it otherwise would be.) I don’t know about your second question.

you can get front-wheel-drive tricycle hubs that you can fit into a unicycle and will allow you to coast, but they are tricky to use at first.

the average flange separation of a unicycle hub is about 2.3 inches and they’re total width is on average about 6 inches.


Some people have made custom coasting unicycles out of specialty tricycle, and bigwheel hubs. But as said before, you can’t ride well without backwards pressure what needs to be made is a unicycle that can disengage its direct drive via a clutch, and can coast, but don’t hold your breath.

Someday… someday…

As for the hub width, I don’t know what it is, but its standard, for most unicycle hub manufacturures, (I wont say all) wheel diamater dosn’t matter.

Here’s a video of a coaster uni that the SWAT made:

A couple of people have made unicycles using a Coker penny-farthing hub, but I think it’s quite expensive (I think I heard somebody say he spent £400 on building his unicycle - a lot for a novelty machine, although it was nice looking).

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