Hub/Wheel compatibility

Alright, so i decided that i want to put a new hub onto my old(broken) wheel so that i can use it as a loaner to teach my freinds to ride. The rim is has proved itself to be pretty strong and the frame is good as well(old torker lx frame). My question is how do i know what will be compatible with this uni? Im thinking that i might even want to go with a splined hub. Possibly the qu-ax hub and crankset, would this even be worth the money and effort? I think that i may be able to get some of my freinds who are interested in learning to help pay for it.

So I guess my two questions are, how do i know what will be compatible?
and, is it really even worth it?

If you can meet the requirements of the following three constraints, the hub will be compatible with your frame and rim.

  1. The hub should have the same number of spoke holes as the rim. (You could do some creative spoke lacing, but I’m not recommending it.)

  2. The outer diameter of whatever bearings you use must fit in the frame, and the inner diameter must fit the hub. If the bearings that come stock with the hub are too big for the frame, you may (or may not) be able to find ones that will fit both the frame and hub.

  3. The bearing spacing must be close to the frame spacing. Others have mentioned that you can bend the frame to fit the hub, but bending too much is probably bad.

Whether or not it is worth it, well, that’s your call.

the hub does not have to be the same number of spoke holes as the rim.
you can lace a 48hole hub to a 36hole rim but not the other way around.
The quax hub is 48 so it will fit pretty much any rim. To do this i think you miss out every fourth hole on the hub. Do a search because i created a thread on this exact topic a while back.