Hub replacement

how would you know when you need to replace a hub or crank? will it click or squeak? how long would a hub last riding hard every day for about an hour. i have moments and they are the best.

If you don’t know, you don’t need to replace it.

Until it breaks.

Moments are indestructable. Hub should be fine, as you said moments I presume its a decent isis hub which should give you no trouble. Sometimes the hub flanges may break after a long time of doing large drops though. Just remember to keep the crank bolts and pedals tight and you should be fine.

You might need to replace BEARINGS eventually. If they no longer rotate freely (and they are not clamped too tightly) they probably need to be replaced.

Hubs and cranks need to be replaced when they are broken.


okay how tight should the cranks be?

tight as you can go

ISIS: Tighten the crank bolts to 25-30 ft-lb. Some people do ti a little tighter, but it is not necessary.


Current ISIS standard: Tighten the crank bolts until the cranks are fully seated against the spacers. You will easily know when this happens as the crank bolts will stop turning at that point.

okay thanks guys for the help

what does it mean if the hub flanges are bent? are they still as strong?

The old style kh hubs (blue with “KH” cutouts) tended to bend a bit under spoke tension. Not sure if the bending alone would lead to or contribute to eventual flange breakage, but I’m pretty sure the cutouts significantly weakened the flanges, and caused cracks to develop and the eventual failure of the hub. Here’s what mine looked like after about 3 years of hard MUni riding. (I had painted it black)