Hub question

On UDC website,it says nimbus eclipse hub,in gold with black,but it says not for jumping or trials,can I use it for my 26 muni?I wrote to udc but I wont hear from them for a couple days.Is that hub a freestyle hub maybe?Thanks

it is a freestyle hub but i cant see why it wouldnt be just fine for muni BUT NO BIG DROPS!! i would keep it foe xc

You may get away with it strength-wise if you’re careful (it’s an aluminium axle), but AFAIK those hubs are narrower than standard and only fit the Eclipse freestyle frames. You’d have to bend a standard-width frame to get it to fit, and the narrow hub would lead to a weaker wheel.

The aluminum spindle is not strong enough for muni, street or trials. They are only for freestyle, commuting, touring, etc…

You will bend it and when you do it will not be covered by warranty and you’ll be out al bunch of time from rebuilding wheels.

The new Nimbus chromoly hub is pretty sweet, built one up last night, my daughter said it was shaped like a woman :roll_eyes:

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