Hub protector

Somebody should make something to protec the hub.
By grinding and grabbing you could damage your hub and spokes reayly bad.
I got a KH2007 hub for 2 weeks now, and the hub flange is a litle bended to the inside.
I realy think that it’s not so hard to make bearingholders to prevent that.
But you’l need a CNC machine and knowledge (witch I don’t have :p)
Anyway, who could make something like this and test it out?


I agree, if bent the spokes on my onza twice through being crap at crank grabs.

I’m making a thing to protect them, but I think KH should make bearingholders to protec the hub.
I only got the hub 2 weeks and the flange is bend inside.


i dont know if this would work on a uni but they use these on bmx’s.

hub thing.jpg

What’s going to keep the bearing holder protector from getting bent in? It might cause more damage than normal if that happend. Plus your frame/bearing holder would look like crap if it did bend. Think about it, it would be made of aluminum (making it weak) because i dont think KH would go back to steel. And it couldn’t be very think or it will add tons of weight, and/or get in the way. AHH! Bah-Hummbug!