hub, pedals, tires, frame/clamp, rim

Hey Everyone,

I’m saving up some money to buy and iTouch. I was planning on selling some unicycle parts that I have had no use for.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:
Red Nimbus 2 frame : $35 (2/clamp : 40) (feeler)
Nimbus 20" Rim: $30
Nimbus Hub : $45
Maxxis CC : $ 15
DX Pedals : $7

pictures soon

Pm’d on the hub

What is the condition of this stuff? I see pix are to follow.

pm’d on the frame and seatpost clamp

@ jtrops. I see your interested in the hub. I’ll post pictures when I come home tonight.

I forgot to put,

Maxxis Hookworm 24x2.5. Hardly used. $30

Interested in hub and rim possibly.

Hey tapeman. I’m reserving the hub for jtrops. But you get first dibs on the rim. :slight_smile:


I was having trouble using the uploader on the forum, so I put them on my facebook album.

If you can’t see them, let me know. Photobucket is coming soon.

I can’t see them says page is down.

Sorry about that bro, hopefully you’ll have more luck with…


The photobucket link you sent needs your login to see the pix. You can send links to the specific photo’s.

I might have someone interested for the Hookworm tire. I’ll PM you if he is.

Jtrops, does this work?

Sorry I didn’t reply, but yeah it looks good. I’m in for the hub, and I may be interested in the pedals. I’ll pm you on them.