Hub Improvements Topic

To Those Interested,

    I've opened up a "Hub Improvements" topic for discussion under the
    forum "Tinkering & Projects" on the Muniac Manor bulletin board.
    Anyone interested in reading (and responding to) about this topic
    which talks about hubs and crank arms please feel free to
    participate. If you're doing aggressive MUni you'll find the topic
    of interest otherwise it will most likely bore you to death. Just
    click on Bulletin Board from the home page and you're in. BTW:
    It's not required to register but helps if you

do. All data (which is minimal) provided to register sits on my server
and doesn’t get used for anything else like mailing lists, ads and
other obnoxious crap you don’t want or need. I own the BBS software
so no one else has their hands on it. Later.

“The Muniac” (Scott Bridgman)

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