Hub/Crankset Strengths

Greetings Comrads!

I’m looking for splined cranks and a new hub and I was wondering what is the strongest.

What order do the splined cranksets go in stratified by strength?


  1. KH/Onza Hub and Crank Set
  2. Kris Holm Splined Hub and Cranks Set
  3. Koxx Isis Splined Cranks and Hub
  4. Onza Hub and 140mm Crank Set
  5. Qu-Ax Splined Hub and Crank Set

This is just an example.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

ps. If there are a million threads about this please deleat this thread and I offer my apologies.

u forgot the profile crankset.

profiles and the kh/onzas are abought the same but imoa the kh/onza ones are beter because there is no key way

Delete this thread.

I have just found loads of threads asking the same question and none of them are completely conclusive.

This thread is redundant. Please delete it and I apologise for posting it.

It seems that there are so many threads asking the same questions because there is no comprehensive book of conversations. I propose that all discussions on unicycling subjects (there must be loads) should be collected and archived so that if ever anyone has a question to ask, mine for example, they can go straight to the archive and find out if the question has been answered.

This would eliminate people asking the same question over and over.

If anyone mentions the “search” function as an alternative I shall scream. All credit to the webmasters for including it but it doesn’t work very well when searching for specific questions.

PS. Profiles are way too expensive


Since this thread is at the top of the forum, and I won’t be bumping it up by replying - most people seem to go with either the koxx or kh/onza cranks.

I haven’t seen any objective comparison of all the crank strengths, however the amount of effort required to break the modern splined setups specially made for unicycles nowadays pretty much means that you buy into the set with the features you want. There are comparison charts around.


I have the KH/Onza Hub and Crank Set. I have dropped from over tvo metres and nothing is bent.

You propose that all threads be collected and archived? This is being done on this very website (and elsewhere too, BTW).

“Go straight to the archive and find…”? I was going to mention the “search” function. Scream away if you want. Archiving is not the hard part, but making the information accessible is. When you’re done screaming, any ideas for making the archive better searcheable (improvements to the “search” function, or maybe an alternative for it) would no doubt be welcomed in the “Requests, Questions, and Bugs on this site” forum.