hub/crank set

Whats the cheapest splined hub/crank set, no nubs, from anywhere? Bedford,, Doesn’t matter whats the best price?


Probably the new Kh’s, or the QU-AX, or the Onza if they ever come out as just the hub and cranks. They’re all about the same. Check Profiles are great, though. I kinda get the feeling that they get under-represented in all these threads about hubs and cranks. Make no mistake, profiles are still better than everything out there (as far as I know). KHs are catching up, but as of now, nothing out there can beat an insanely strong setup combined with amazing craftmanship and a lifetime warranty. And if you’re another Ryan Atkins, you can just get 2 sets of cranks and break one, warranty it, and ride the others in the meantime. So what if it’s a bit heavier than Onzas, although I think it’s about even witht he KHs.

I have a profile equipped muni that was bought used, already pretty heavily abused, and it still rides more solid than my Onza, which was bought new, and has only been ridden by me. The Onza creaks like crazy and has play, while the profile is silent, never moves, and is just great to ride. I’ve done six footers on the profiles without a sound, and the Onza goes crazy after a two. I spend lots more time maintaing the Onza then the Profile, too. The only drawback is price. I had to go with Onza for trials because I couldn’t afford Profile. I bought my muni wheel used for $80 recently, but if it weren’t for that generous unicyclist, I’d be complaining about a broken suzue on my muni right about now.

So, if you can afford it, go Profile, but if not, the new KH’s are probably your best bet. Or, wait about six months for the next generation of KH hubs to come out, which should be at least as strong as profiles, but as light as a suzue! A search should reveal more info…

I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but I think the Torker DX is the cheapest. I mean, you get a splined hud AND a uni to go around it. Granted the rest of the uni isn’t up to trials specs, you could always get one of those and a Nimbus and swap the hubs and cranks. That way you get a Trials and a General purpose uni for around $400.

That said, I don’t know about the strength of the Torker hub. Anyone know how it stacks up?


You just said the Torker hub was strong? Also isn’t the torker 48-hole. That’s the set back in my mind. I want to put a better wheel on it, but am having trouble finding a 20", 48 hole rim.