Hub/Axle... one or two pieces??

Here’s something that I’m confused about.

Is a hub/axle two different pieces? I’ve often heard about people breaking
their axles going through several over time. George Peck comes to mind.
Now he has a 7/8" titanium axle.

I’ve always pictured in my mind that when that happens that you then go
take the whole wheel to your local friendly wheel builder and he replaces
the hub/axle as a whole. BUT… when I’ve looked at Poznanter’s hub/axle
‘assembly’ on Unicycle Sources catalogue page it looks like two different
pieces; the hub being aluminum and the axle being a black alloy.

My Pashley MUni, however, looks to me (having NOT taken it apart) to be
all one piece. But maybe I’m not seeing it right?

What’s up? What would George have to do if he broke that massive axle of
his? What will ‘I’ have to do when I break my ‘puni MUni’ axle.

Christopher Grove

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