Peter (munimanpete) is currently building me a beautiful website for an assignment of his which will eventually be home to what will hopefully be a great range of unicycling tips and tutorials. The address will be but it’s not finished yet. You can see the form it’s going to take if you visit . I think it’s looking fantastic and very professional. It’ll hopefully be really easy to navigate and fast to load for all you 56k people out there.

If you follow that link you can see basically what content it will have. I’ve made a few video tutorials already and am going to make a whole bunch of them covering all the things I can think of (well all the helpful things I can think of) but for this site to really be helpful to lots of unicyclists it’d be great to have a range of opinions and contributions. I’m going to add Klaas’ and my ‘Leanring to Unicycle’ document and track down some important tips that have been mentioned in threads here.

I’d really like to use the photos and captions found at in the maintenance section with Bruce’s permission. Would you mind Bruce? I’d also really like to add the Miyata handle fix but couldn’t find the original instructions. Any suggestions? The closest I could find was this - . If I can’t find the original, would you mind if I use this Dave?

I’d also love to use Ryan’s video tutorial on high hopping but couldn’t find it. Anyone have a link? Do you mind Ryan?

If I’ve missed something important or any of you have anything you’d be willing to contribute, please let me know. I think this site’s got a lot of potential. I’d really love some muni and freestyle tutorials to fill in some empty spots.



Yeah the site is coming along really nicely. Me and Andrew have decided on a final design for it (click on the link Andrew provided above to see it) and now just need to add the content. I think its going to be a great site and everyone has to support it!

The site looks great! And it’s a really good idea. Thumbs up to the two of you.



No I don’t mind at all. I’ll rework it a bit in light of recent learning. I’m not sure it’s online right now, but I’ll find out. If I forget just PM me because things are busy right now.


You go guy!! This is a really great idea and one that has been needed. Thanks for all the hard work you and your buddies are doing to support unicycling.



Andrew and Peter,

The site is looking great and could become a very good and much used
platform for learning tips. Thanks for going through the effort! Kudos
to both of you!

(See also my comment in the FREE freemount thread.)

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

I have now made all the pages for the site. Only ‘Guestbook’ ‘Requests’ and ‘Obstacle building’ have content on them (and not all of it). Just though i’d let you know.

Thanks a lot guys. Just remember that we can never have too many opinions on how to do something, so if you’ve got some advice, please donate it.

It’s looking great Peter.


Can anyone please tell me where I can find that analysis of Dan Heaton’s (was it his?) hop onto the car at Unicon? I mean the one with the series of frames analysed. Who created it?


I don’t know whether he’d let you use them, but Dave Mariner has some programs which analysed the pressure placed on pedals by beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. I think they did more. The upshot of it all was that better riders place much less weight on the pedals, and ride smoother etc.

I couldn’t find a direct link on the site. but the address is

The jump2 program is quite interesting, it shows why we bend unicycles so often!

Thanks a lot for the link, I don’t see the harm in linking to that page, but I will get permission first.


It’s in my Miscellaneous Stuff gallery. The text in the gallery gives info on rhysling and a link to the thread where he originally posted the frame by frame analysis of the jump.

The one thing missing, though, is that the analysis doesn’t mention the need to drop your heel of your rear foot just before springing up for the take-off. Once I started dropping my heel I started getting more height from my rolling hops. I think that’s the big secret to the rolling hop. Drop your heel.

Thanks a lot John, I’ll put it up there along with your heel dropping comment and give the appropriate credits. Do you have an email for Christopher that he uses regularly?

Thanks a lot,

Should I copy the video and photos into my album or will it stay in your miscellaneous folder permanently? It would lose some quality in the transfer to another album wouldn’t it? (that’s not really that important, I’m just generally curious)


Copy it to your site. That’s the safest way to make sure you have it. I don’t plan on moving it, or changing the file name, or anything like that, but you never know. If you have it on your server you have control over it. Just make sure Chris LeFay gets credit. I no idea how to contact Chris now that he’s no longer frequenting the forums (unless he’s quietly lurking).

It won’t loose any quality by copying it. It will only loose quality if you decide to re-encode it.

The bummer is that the video is not the best quality. It would be cool if someone did a higher quality video of a big rolling hop and then redid the frame by frame out takes showing what is going on. But that would be a lot of work.


More videos tutorials are now up in the storage album (which I just realised has an easy to remember name). Tonight I did tutorials on roll back mounts, rolling mounts, and rail riding.

Peter said that when he downloads and plays the 640x480 versions of the tutorials they seem much worse in quality than the 320x240 ones. This doesn’t happen on my computer. What’s going on? Has anybody else noticed this?

Anyway, enjoy the tutorials.


if your falling to thr right swing your body to the right, am i being thick or does that sound as if it ll make u fall faster

Watch it again…it says swing your upper body to the right. This pushes your hips left and keeps your centre of gravity over the rail. The lower half of the body has a big effect on where your centre of gravity is. I think I’ll have to make a few notes in greater detail to go along with the video. The problem is I couldn’t make the video too long so I could only put so much text in there. Thanks.