I was out raining today for the Wolfman Duathalon, and met Lucas Titmas. Lucas is organizing the first Freeride Competition to be held in Atlanta. The course is being setup at the same site as the Olympic Mtn Bike Competition. This competition is for bikes, but Lucas asked if Unicyclists would like to be included in their own class. He mentioned making some uni specific stunts. I thought the idea was intriguing. If anyone is interested let me know. There will be prizes for the winners. Some details can be found at

Lucas said he was going to post this here so he may add to this details that i have left out. The event is May 23rd. I would really like to see some of you better riders make here for the event.

It looks like they are requiring full face helmets. That would be a problem for most unicyclists, at least.

I saw that too. I would think if they were going to set up special stunts for a unicycle class for the event, they would make exceptions for us as well.

I’m sure it will work out… sounds like a good time.

Tommy this is the competition I was talking about. Hope you can make it.

I’ve often thought about designing and building unicycle specific stunts. Things like skinnies with sharp turns (90 degrees or more) in them aren’t too hard on a uni but would be very tough on a bike. Then you could do other stunts like ladder bridges with sideways gaps in them, or drops that require the rider to twist 90 degrees in the air, or a whole sequence of these in quick succession - the sort of thing that most MTBers couldn’t ride unless they have good trials skills already. There’s potential to do some ground breaking stuff here!


After I found out about this competition I ran into Dustin Kelm here in Atlanta. He said he was in a freeride event in Washington. He was winning the overall competition, and when he thought he was going to be in the finals, they anounced he had won the “Unicycle” catagory. He seemed interested in coming down for the competition, but it is a long way to travel unless he has something else going on.

I know that there are a lot of you young guys on this board that could come down and make a great showing. I would love to see it happen. If your interested let me know. What about Hell on Wheels Gang? You got what it takes? Or are you just a bunch of Internet Tough Guys?:smiley:

Full Throttle 05

Howdy folks -
we’re throwing another freeride comp this year and the offer still stands. We’ll be at the horse park, the course is brand new and if you give me enough notice I can raise some prizes and maybe cash for the Uni riders… Just let me know… Lucas

adding a uni division to things like this seems like quite a good step foreward for the sport in general, we’re getting more recognition. that’s always a good thing. Now we just need to fill the uni division up.

Great ideas Tony! I’d absolutely love to ride structures like them. I’ve played around with a lot of that stuff…exactly what you’re talking about at home on planks…I’d love to try it up in the air on the muni!

Maybe you can make a suggestion at Woodhill ;).


Looks like the offer is up again guys. I sure would like to see some of the more talented riders make it here for the competition. Especially those of you with your own courses. What about HCR? That would be a treat, just imagine a Coker on a Freeride course! Tommy, Bill, etc… Lets try to make a showing this year, plenty of time to prepar and plan. Everyone is welcome. Not to mention is nearby. It is like a trip to the Holy land for unicyclists.:wink: I may keep bumping this thread to the top every few days until some interest is generated.

It sounds (and looks) like a really cool event. I think I could most likely make it to Atlanta in May for the competition… but I’d probably only want to go if:

  1. I knew there was going to be a halfway decent turnout of unicyclists. Other Coker riders attending the event would be awesome. Perhaps you could keep a running tab on the number of unicyclists who plan to attend (and the wheel size they’ll be riding).

  2. The other, more important issue… from the few pictures I saw of Full Throttle 2004, a lot of the stuff looks pretty extreme to be ridden on a Coker. Not to say I wouldn’t attempt some of it, but I can already tell you that I am quite confident that I couldn’t ride my Coker on any one of the obstacles pictured succesfully (the way a bike does) and there looked to be a lot of stuff that would be unridable for me, given my current skill level. For example, in the firt picture (launch jump and landing ramp)… I could probably ride the jump… but I’m not going to get much distance - certainly not nearly enough to make it far enough to land on the landing ramp! Regarding the second picture… I’m not currently at the skill level to do drops that high on a Coker (and I doubt that I’ll be at that level by May… but who know, it is a possibility)! The fourth picture looks to be a different view of the first launch jump and landing ramp (same comment as earlier re/distance off jump). Regarding the sixth picture of a teeter-totter… that looks to be one SEVERE teeter-totter! Even if I could make it up the teeter-totter on my Coker, I’ll drop like a rock once the teeter-totter swings down and I’d probably kill myself… though I could possibly attempt it if I’m feeling really ballsy that day, but more than likely I’d hold off on that one. Regarding the last picture, that drop is beyond my current skill level on the Coker, so I doubt I could pull it off by May. Thus it doesn’t seem like it would make a lot of sense for me to attend the event if the majority of obstacles are either unridable for me… or I can’t ride them the way they were intended. I would think the smaller wheel uni’s would encounter the same problems for certain obstacles (such as the launch ramp and landing ramp), but they could handle the big drops and the severe teeter-totter a lot better than I could on my Coker… so it’s probably a great event for the MUni guys. If there were a decent number of obstacles that were doable for me on my Coker (at my current skill level), then I would certainly be very enticed to attend the event. As it looks currently, that course looks really hardcore to be ridden on a Coker… even for HardcoreCokerRider!