html5 video feedback requested

Just to practice my coding skills and for testing purposes I’ve converted from XHTML Strict to HTML5 a while ago.
But recently I found a benefit of HTML5: embedding of multiple video-formats without using plugins.
However as the web is still browsed with less advanced browsers, I let it fallback -if unsure- to FlashVideo.

Further I use iPod/iPhone/iPad and now even (new) Android friendly MP4, and the amazingly good compression of Ogg Video, such that (in the future -once published-) you can lookup skills using the mobile web during your practise sessions. Also I started to create more cross-links to hints on skills (it will be introduced soon). That way you can share what you’ve learned with other that are about to learn the same.

Also I’m planning on finishing a big job that I started but never finished; publishing the current standard skill list all with videos.

But to test this nowedays brand new techniques I’ve uploaded 2 test-video’s of 40 years old: Oscar’s Bicycle and the Micheletty Family

Long story short:
Can you please provide feeback in case above video (or sound) is NOT working for you?
Thanks in advance.

Both sound and video works for both! Using the latest version of firefox :slight_smile:

It works fine in Safari, Chromium, Firefox, and Opera. It’s good to see more sites moving to HTML5. It’s hard to read with the bright green background though.

Is it supposed to fallback to flash or mp4 on android?
I couldn’t view either video. (Android 2.1, HTC Desire)

Thanks for your responses.

The page that lists the 10 IUF Levels is already entirely converted.
Next task is replacing the outdated list of standard skills.

:slight_smile: …and Chrome, Epiphany, Iceape, Minefield, SeaMonkey, and Shiretoko and -be it limited- Mobile Safari. Haven’t seen MSIE 10 yet (should work to). And can anyone confirm/deny Mobile Opera?

If you’re studious like me, but big-deal websites better stick to current DTD’s, as the standarization is unfinished and still in progress.

Ai, thanks for reporting. I discover more and more color is a difficult issue, as every person sees things different. I wont promise when, but do promise the next “skin” will have more contrast.

There was an error in the CSS regarding the flash object, which is fixed now.
I had the Openmoko Neo Freerunner before the G1 was released (yes, including the board that can make you hack the radio and fake a GSM network, sniff all GSM activity, and even proxy specific IMSI’s). My other Android is a HTC Hero. According Adobe is Flash only supported on the Nexus One. But …does yours display flash???

According Ogg is supported, but only audio. MP4 is suposed to be supported, however even if I create a .3gp (in all 3 listed formats) it doesn’t display (while it certainly does in other browsers). Neither does the .mp4, so I asume these only play native, not over HTTP.

Still just green background for the html5 video pages.
I can view flash videos like ok.
I think mp4 and 3gp can be downloaded and played but not yet streamed.