HTML IUF rulebook version finally finished!

Hey everybody,

The IUF Rulebook, cool HTML version is finished! It was too much work, so I hope
people feel it was worth it. The whole thing only takes up 395k, which isn’t too
bad considering the previous version was over 300k all by itself. This new
version consists of 11 HTML pages, plus a bunch of images.

This rulebook should make finding things and cross-referencing the rulebook a
whole lot easier. Now we just need versions in German, Spanish, Japanese,
Cantonese, etc…

Please check it out at:

    <a href=""></a>

Send your comments!

Don’t forget the Word and Adobe Acrobat versions at:

    <a href=""></a>

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“Never two wheedled”